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For women, initially hearing that they have the diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. In this state of shock, sorting through the multiple treatment options can be extremely difficult. Remember first that there is no immediate rush. Take the time to educate yourself. Bring someone with you to your physician appointments and have them write down the important points and list your options. It is also often helpful to obtain a second opinion, especially if you do not feel entirely comfortable and need some reassurance. Realize, however, that there is no one correct answer when it comes to breast cancer treatment. The treatment of breast cancer is controversial and what is best for you should be tailored to your individual needs. Breast surgery, primarily breast reconstruction, represents the majority of our practice. We offer the hope of a normal appearing breast for the woman who either is required to have a mastectomy or has chosen a mastectomy over lumpectomy and radiation due to the concern over the long term effects of radiation or the risk of breast cancer recurrence. In these patients, it is our desire to restore a breast shape that looks better than the shape she started with. In the included photo library of cases, one can see that this is often possible.


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